Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Environmental Benefits of Globalization

My article is called "The Environmental Benefits of Globalization." The audience of my article is Americans, specifically Americans who believe the American way of life is unsustainable on the global scale. The current events of importance that influenced this article are the movement to capitalism and development throughout many less developed countries. The writer of this article believes that the government should not limit the market to keep the environment safe, because the corporations take care of the environment on their own to maintain a good image. He also believes that other countries adopting our way of life and capitalism is not a bad thing, because he believes the American consumer lifestyle is sustainable. This article is written to show people through statistics and logic that the American way of life is sustainable and even beneficial to the environment, and attempts by government to limit trade for the sake of the environment will not work. Opponents to this article are people who argue that the U.S. needs to change it's economy to be healthier for the environment as well as not encourage other countries to use our economic policies. Major fears and worries of the author are that the government will restrict trade for the environments sake without fully understanding that the environment in the U.S. is in good shape, and that these restrictions will stop growth in our country.

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